Spatial Bookmarks

A Spatial Bookmark is a named marker that identifies the zoom extents of a particular location or selection of objects. The bookmark can be saved to the network for future reference. This allows the user to jump to views of areas around the network easily by accessing saved bookmarks.

Batch printing of bookmarked views can be carried out when using the layout design method when Printing from the GeoPlan. See the Print Layout View topic for further details.

Create bookmarks

Spatial bookmarks are created when you select an option from the GeoPlan | Spatial Bookmarks sub-menu. Selecting one of these menu options displays the Spatial Bookmark dialog with initial settings for zoom extent coordinates:

Enter a name for the bookmark in the dialog and click OK to create the bookmark.

View bookmarks

Saved bookmarks for the current network are viewed in the Spatial Bookmarks Window displayed via the Window | Spatial bookmarks window menu option.

Click on a bookmark in the window to jump to the bookmarked view in the GeoPlan Window.

Manage bookmarks

Spatial bookmark management is carried out using the Manage Spatial Bookmarks dialog. To display the dialog select Spatial bookmarks | Manage bookmarks from the GeoPlan menu or double-click on the network name in the Spatial Bookmarks window.

The Manage Spatial Bookmarks dialog displays a list of the bookmarks for the current network. A check box is displayed next to each bookmark indicating whether the bookmark is saved to the network or not, (if the box is ticked, the bookmark is saved to the network). The buttons on the dialog are used to further manage the bookmarks listed:

GeoPlan Window

Spatial Bookmarks Window

Spatial Bookmark Dialog

Manage Spatial Bookmarks Dialog

Print Layout View