Digitisation Templates

A Digitisation Template is a collection of individual templates which contain default values and flags to be used when creating new network objects in an InfoWorks network.

Different Templates can be created for each network object type. Multiple templates can be created for a single object type.

The Digitisation Template Grid Window is used for viewing and editing the template data.

The Digitisation Default Selection dialog is used for selecting which templates within the Digitisation Template are to be used for setting default values in the network. Note that to apply digitisation defaults when creating new objects, the Initialise New Objects with Digitisation Default Values box on the General Page of the GeoPlan Properties dialog must be checked.

A Digitisation Template is a version controlled itemVersion controlled items have an extra level of management within the database. Changes to these items can be committed to create a series of versions of the same item. You can also create branches from any version. Only the differences between versions are stored in the database. Version controlled items can be locked to prevent accidental deletion.. See the Managing Version Controlled Items section for more detailed information on using version control.

Create a new Digitisation Template

To create a new template:

In the Explorer window, right-click on a model group.

  1. Select New InfoWorks | Digitisation template from the popup menu.
  2. Type a name for the template in the dialog and click OK.

The blank Digitisation Template can be displayed by right-clicking on the Digitisation Template in the database tree and selecting Open from the popup menu. Alternatively, drag the Digitisation Template icon onto the background area outside the Explorer window. Individual object templates can then be added.

Edit Digitisation Templates

Digitisation Templates are viewed and edited in the Digitisation Template Grid Window or the Digitisation Template Property Sheet. The grid window contains tabs for each network object type. Each tab contains the fields for the network object for which digitisation defaults can be set.

To open a Digitisation Template grid for editing, drag the Digitisation Template from the Explorer window into the main window background, or right click on the template and select Open from the pop up menu.

To create a template in the Digitisation Template Grid Window:

  1. Enter a Template ID which is unique to the network object type.
  2. Enter values to be used as default values when a new network object is created in the GeoPlan window.
  3. To flag a field, right click in the field to be flagged and select Flags from the popup menu. Select a flag from the list of available flags. Flags set in the digitisation template will be used as default flags when a new network object is created in the GeoPlan window.

Default values can also be edited in the Digitisation Template property sheet. To open the property sheet of a template, double click to the left of the template row in the grid window or right click in the row and select Properties from the popup menu.

For more information on using grids, see the Network Object Grid Windows topic.

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