Master Database

InfoWorks ICM is a workgroup based, modelling and configuration management system that can also be used as a standalone product. To facilitate workgroup and standalone operation, InfoWorks ICM maintains model data in a centralised, multi-user master database.

Local working copies of parts of the data are then made available in each user's Local Folders.

The master database provides a flexible hierarchy for managing model data and contains all data including simulation results and ground models. For more information about the rationale behind the master database, see the Data Management topic.

The following database types are currently supported by InfoWorks ICM:

Each master database has a Unique Database Identifier. When a new database is created, this identifier is generated automatically as a string of letters and numbers taking the form 629810C2-3F6B-11D3-9BF3-00600891B690.

Database versions

Each master database has a version number. For example, a master database created with version 2023.0 of the software will have a database version of 2023.0. You can choose which version of the database is to be used when you create a master database. This can be useful if you collaborate with other users who do not work with the same version of InfoWorks ICM as you.


The version number of the currently selected master database is displayed in the Explorer window.

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