River Reach Building Tools

Many of the river reach building tools are found in the River reach submenu of the Model menu listed in the table below.

Interpolated sections may be created between existing river sections by using the New Interpolated Section tool on the More GeoPlan Tools Toolbar. See Interpolating River Sections below for more details.

Channel objects can be converted into river reach objects using the convert channels to reaches tool.

River reach menu option Action
Build sections from lines Creates river sections for a selected river reach link from cross section line data
Build banks from selected lines Creates river reach bank profiles from selected bank lines
Create bank lines from section ends Creates bank line objects from the end vertices of selected river reach links
Build boundary from banks and section ends Creates a bounding polygon for a selected reach from river reach banks and section ends
Build bank connections

Creates connections to an object of type River Reach, Storage Area or 2D Zone into which flow from the river reach can spill

Build all Performs all of the above options (Build sections from lines, Build banks from selected lines, Create bank lines from section ends, Build boundary from banks and section ends, and Build bank connections) in a single operation.
Update roughness from roughness zones Updates the Manning's n values at river section vertices using values from overlapping Roughness Zones
Update sections from selected lines Updates the river sections from selected intersecting cross section line data.
Select reaches mode for merging Select this option to switch to select reaches mode, allowing connected river reaches with the same bank connection data to be selected for joining
Join selection Merges the reaches that have been selected while in select reaches mode


Multiple Reach Building

If multiple River Reaches are selected, the chosen build operation will be carried out on all selected River Reaches.

If the reaches are connected, an interpolated section will be inserted at the connecting node point to join the connecting reaches before the other build operations are attempted.

Exceptions to the joining of connected multiple reaches are as follows:

When building banks for multiple River Reaches, only two bank lines (assumed to be left and right bank) may be selected at a time. However, each bank object may extend over multiple reaches.