Custom Auto Labels

The data displayed on a custom auto label can be changed using the Custom Autolabels Text dialog.

This dialog is displayed when you choose User in the Label Field box on the Auto Labels and Tooltips Page of the GeoPlan Properties dialog and then click the Set button.

The Label Text box allows you to enter multiple lines of text simply by using the Enter key. You can also include the values of object fields as described here:

Details of database field names can be found in the Network Data Fields section.


Multiline text is not displayed for labels that are aligned with a link (Rotate Link Labels option selected). In this case, text will all be displayed on the same line.

Font family, size and resizing options as well as visible range for the custom auto labels can be specified in the lower part of the dialog, by enabling the Override font and range settings option. When this option is selected, font and visible range settings set in the Custom Autolabels Text dialog override any related setting made in the Autolabels and Tooltips page of the Geoplan Properties dialog.

For details on how to display custom auto labels, see the Displaying Labels on the GeoPlan topic.

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