About results

In InfoWorks WS Pro you can review simulation results and compare results with observed data.

Simulation review progress

The progress of a simulation can be reviewed in several ways:

More detailed results for specific network objects

You can use simulations reports to display details about the current selection on one or more graphs.

You can use non time varying reports to display details of all data that is not time-dependent for the currently selected network objects.

You can display summary results for a network object on the object property sheet. These results display a results snapshot for the current timestep in the simulation.

You can also display summary results for one or more network objects using labels. These labels display constantly changing results as the simulation is replayed. You can also freeze the simulation at a timestep to view snapshot results.

You can display a grid report or graph of the time varying results for a single network object.

Results export

Results can be exported to MapInfo or ArcView.

Results can be exported to an Excel spreadsheet by generating a custom report. If you drag a custom report into a network with simulation results, an extra worksheet containing simulation results will be included in the Excel spreadsheet for each type of object.

IWLive Pro results can be exported to CSV files or to the database.

Managing Results

Viewing Replays of the Simulation

Comparing Results

Results on the GeoPlan

Results on Grid Views

Results on Long Section Views

Results on Property Sheets

Results on Labels

Fire Flow Availability Results

Exporting Results to Files

Exporting IWLive Pro Results to Database

Grid Reports

Text Reports


Custom Reports