Creating and scheduling a run

This is the procedure for scheduling a hydraulic simulation.

The first stage in running a model is to schedule a simulation. This allows you to specify the items to be used in the simulation and to set up other simulation parameters.

Scheduling the run

  1. To schedule a new run, right-click a run group and select New | Run.

    To re-run or edit an existing run, either right-click a run and select Open or drag the run onto the workspace.

  2. Complete or change the inputs, options, and parameters on the Schedule Hydraulic Run view.


    • Immediate inconsistencies in the Start, End, and Timestep parameters are displayed in the Parameter Setup Messages section of the Schedule Hydraulic Run view.
    • You can choose to run a simulation with or without validation. To set validation options, use the Validation button on the Schedule Hydraulic Run view to open the Validation .
  3. Click the Run button.

    At this point, if you have not entered a name for the run, a name will be generated automatically.

The output from the computation engine can be viewed later by right-clicking the simulation in the Explorer window or the Model Group window, choosing Open as from the context menu, then selecting Log results from the dialog. See Log Results view for more information.

Dealing with runs that have failed

If a simulation has failed, the Run Control window will display a Failed message.

To view a log of the failed simulation:

  1. Right-click the simulation and choose Open as from the context menu.
  2. Open the log results.

    This will display a log of the output from the simulation engine.

    You can use this log to spot errors in computation. See Log Results view for more information.

Associating live data with a run

A live data configuration can be associated with a run once the run has been scheduled. This live data will then be used when viewing observed vs simulation results for that simulation. The associated live data configuration can be changed at any time.

To associate a live data configuration with a run:

  1. Right-click a run to display the context menu and choose Associate live data.

    This displays the Associate Live Data dialog.

  2. Use drag and drop or the Browse button to add the live data configuration to the selection box.

The next stage

Previously scheduled runs can be re-scheduled if required. See Rescheduling a run for more information.

Full details about viewing and analysing results of simulations can be found in the Results section.


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