2D Simulations

A 2D Simulation is automatically run when a simulation is carried out on a network that contains at least one 2D Zone in the network.

The 2D engine used for InfoWorks and SWMM simulations is based on the 2D model MULFLOOD and the procedures described in Alcrudo and Mulet-Marti (2005). See the Basic 2D Hydraulic Theory topic for further details.

See Creating 2D Meshes for information on setting up 2D Zones for 2D simulations.

See the Runs topic for full details on setting up and running simulations.



Basic 2D Hydraulic Theory

Creating 2D Meshes

Defining 2D Nodes

Schedule Hydraulic Run View (InfoWorks)

Schedule Hydraulic Run View (SWMM)

Initial Conditions 2D

Exporting Results to Files