About controls (control data)

Every water supply system must have a control policy either given as a set of rules or established through experience. Control data is an integral part of the model, but in InfoWorks WS Pro the network geometry and control data are split into separate but very closely related items.

The network is a static system. The operational aspects of modelling the water supply system are contained in the control data. The control data describes the initial state of the water supply network at the start of a simulation and the policy for controlling the network during the simulation.

This separation simplifies the modelling process. Multiple control data sets can be associated with the same network to model variations in operation. The same control data can be associated with more than one network so physical changes in the network can be modelled.

The reasons for keeping this data separate from the network are:

About the editing of control data

About comparing control data

Control data can be compared from the database tree in the Model Group window or the Explorer window. See Managing version controlled objects.

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